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Key West Harry S. Truman
foundation mission

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The Key West Harry S Truman Foundation, Inc. exists for the purpose of protecting and preserving the building and grounds of the state historic
site known as the Harry S. Truman Little White House in Key West, Florida.

Accumulating and disseminating information about the American presidency with special emphasis on President Harry S. Truman and the American presidents, past and present, who have enjoyed the Florida Keys and Key West.

The Harry S. Truman Little White House is a living museum not frozen in
time. While it is imperative to maintain focus on the most important use
of the building during President Truman's visits from 1946 to 1952, it
is a site of continuing historic events and visits by world leaders and
these too must be commemorated and recognized especially in light of
President Truman's role as the father of modern statesmanship.


A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (800—435-7352) within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. The Key West Harry S Truman Foundation Registration is CH32274.

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Truman Little White House
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