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The Truman Little White House Botanical Gardens consist of nearly an acre of tropical foliage and trees surrounded by the original 1890 wrought iron fence. Visitors delight to discover many plants grown as
houseplants in colder climates reach giant proportions in the frost free climate of Key West.
Truman Little White House Botanical Gardens
Tour Hours

The botanical gardens are usually open from 7 am until 6 pm in conjunction with Truman Annex Gated Community. The botanical tour of the gardens that surround the building is self -guided and free.

The Little White House Museum Store is open 9am to 5pm daily.

The Little White House is a living museum, not frozen to a single historic event. Occasionally, the Little White House is still used for government functions. We are given very short notice and we hope you will forgive us if we close for these functions.

As part of the on-going restoration, a master landscape plan is restoring the gardens to their 1949 appearance. Donations for this worthy cause are welcome through our foundation site.

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Truman Little White House
111 Front Street - Key West, FL
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