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Truman Little White House
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The Harry S. Truman Little White House in Key West, Florida was the winter White House for President Harry S. Truman. This presidential museum also served as a naval base and in turn retained a lot of character and history over the years. Harry S. Truman's desk inside the Truman Little White House
In 1991, the house opened as a state historic site and Florida's only
presidential museum. There are many little details that make this house
unique including the living and dining quarters. Approximately 80-90% of the furnishings are original to the site and give an intimate view of the personal life of the president. The on-going Phase II of the house restoration is designed to make the house interior even closer to its 1949 appearance.

2016 EXHIBITS & Concerts

October 1st - December 1st

Every Four Years: The 2016 Presidential Election Exhibit

Truman's 1948 Election Exhibit

December 1st - January 15th

White House Christmas Exhibit

2017 EXHIBITS & Concerts

January 11th: 9am - 3pm

Little White House Plein Air Painting Contest

January 15th & 16th: 8pm

Concert : Rock Solomon's American Jazz

Tickets available through

January 20th: 10am - 1pm

Inaugration Picnic on the lawn

Tickets available through & at the door

January 16th - April 15th

Exhibit: Political Cartoons

January 22nd, 23rd, 29th & 30th: 8pm

Concert: Bobby Nesbitt & Carmen Rodriguez in
Songs of the Truman Era

Tickets available through

February 12th & 13th: 8pm

Concert:Bobby Nesbitt & Carmen Rodriguez: Salute to the USO

Tickets available through

February 18th: 4pm

Live Presentation: In the Shadow of the White House:
Presidential Families

Tickets available through

February 19th & 20th: 8pm

Concert: Bobby Nesbitt & Carmen Rodriguez: Salute to the USO

Tickets available through

February 27th: 8pm

Concert: Rock Solomon Academy Award Winning Songs

Tickets available through

March 5th & 6th: 8pm

Concert: Still On the Road: Here's To Life with Libby York

Tickets available through

March 12th & 13th: 8pm

Concert: Bobby Nesbitt & Carmen Rodriguez:
High Hopes – Music of JFK

Tickets available through

March 26th & 27th

Concert: Pico & Chown Songs from the Great American Songbook

Tickets available through

April 21st - 22nd

Truman Legacy Symposium: Latin & South America

Tickets available through

Seating is extremely limited and these shows are always sold out so early ticket purchases are strongly recommended.

Contact Jeanna Garrido or Bob Wolz with any questions 305-294-9911

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Truman Little White House
111 Front Street - Key West, FL 305-294-9911
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