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Truman & Hoover

Harry Truman and Herbert Hoover worked on opposite sides of the political aisle, but were smart enough not to let that keep them apart. In Truman, Hoover saw a chance to re-enter the public service arena he so loved. In Hoover, Truman saw a brilliant and dedicated public servant who could help rebuild Europe in the aftermath of World War II. Together, they forged a partnership and close friendship that would endure for 20 years.

On Saturday, March 27, Margaret Hoover, President Hoover’s great-granddaughter, and Clifton Truman Daniel, President Truman’s grandson, will discuss the Hoover-Truman friendship, how it began, how it endured, what it meant to the men themselves, and what it brought to the nation and the world. They will be joined by Ms. Hoover’s husband, John Avlon, for a follow-up discussion on the current polarization in American politics. The dinner event will be held as a fundraiser for the Harry S. Truman Key West Foundation at the Marriott Beachside Resort. Tickets are available by calling (305)294-9911.

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