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The Key West Harry S. Truman Foundation, Inc.

Is a not for profit 501 C 3 direct support organization.
Our mission is to aid in the preservation and protection of this historic site, further its educational mission and expand the collections and archives. As with most historic places, ticket sales and gift shop revenues alone can not fully meet all the financial needs and programs.

Preservation: The building requires constant care. Located in the tropical weather Conditions of Key West, Florida, up to 65,000 visitors annually tour the little White House. Interior carpeting and painting must be continuously renewed to keep our presidential look. Restoration and preservation is ongoing and like all old wooden houses, it is high maintenance. The frame structure is subject to hurricanes, high humidity and termite damage.

Planning & Research: In 1991, the Little White House was restored and opened as a museum at a cost of nearly $1 million. Now it is time to continue with the next stage of Redevelopment and preservation based upon our continuing research. Additional improvements in wallcoverings, fabrics, and textures guarantee the replication of the house as it was used by President Truman. A number of these projects are beyond our limited resources and we need your support.

Protection: A majority of our tin roof dates to 1911 and must be constantly checked for leaks and the exterior surfaces painted to protect against weather intrusion. The furnishings (of which nearly 90% were used by Truman), artifacts and photo document collections must be carefully stored and protected from moisture, temperature variations and pests. Monitored fire and security systems safeguard the building and furnishing.

Educational Outreach: Numerous school children from across the nation visit this nationally important historic site. New curriculum-based tours are being developed to meet Sunshine State and National education standards. Each year a Truman Legacy Symposium is held to examine the continuing legacy of President Trumanís administration. Details can be found at our website link: http://www.Trumansymposium.com. Internships with the Florida Keys community College and Florida Atlantic State University provide hands-on experience in historic preservation, conservation and museum operations.

Collections Expansion: All objects in the Little White House are donated to and owned by the State of Florida. New acquisitions of both personal and political nature are always desired and new exhibits are always a delight. Part of the Foundationís funds are used to add to the photo and documents pertaining to Harry Trumanís visits and the decisions of world importance he made here in Key West.

You can help at a number of levels as your interest or means allows:

Annual Membership: Your membership allows you free admission to the museum and a standing invitation to preview special exhibits. A quarterly newsletter will soon be offered at this website.

Designated Projects: A number of individual projects are available and can be your special gift to the Little White House. A room of new carpet, new draperies or a place setting of USS Williamsburg china might be your lasting gift. Please watch our newsletter or ask the Foundation Director.

Object Gifts: Do you have campaign buttons, books, letters or items from Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, or Kennedy that youíd like to see preserved ? We are constantly seeking items, especially those directly tied to the Key West visits, of these presidents.

A presidential Christmas card you own could end up being displayed each Christmas at the Little White House. All donations become property of the State of Florida . We can also arrange a long-term loan of personal Truman items for display here, but still owned by you.

Permanent Fund: An endowment fund is being created to provide a permanent source of funding for the Little White House. Gifts may commemorate a birth, special anniversary or death of a loved one. Only interest from this fund will be used and the principal allowed to grow and continue supporting the Little White House for years to come.



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